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 What Moms Have Said About Barbara's Services


"When I first realized that I was pregnant I was thrilled to be having a second baby but scared because of my previous birth experience with my now two year old. I immediately started researching childbirth resources and decided to strive for a natural delivery. I had an epidural with my previous baby and I felt that it had caused some difficulties in the delivery and in my recovery. I read "Christ Centered Childbirth" and Townsend recommended in her book using a doula to ensure a successful natural birth. I knew that hiring a doula was going to be the way to go for me and my husband. I started praying for the Lord to bring me a doula that shared the same faith as me.

Shortly after my 20 week ultrasound I found that an acquaintance of mine from Bible Study had recently had her baby and used a doula! I praised the Lord and contacted Babara immediately. We set up an appointment to meet and after getting to know each other that I wanted her by my side in the delivery room! My husband agreed wholeheartedly and we hired her as soon as possible.

Barbara provided me with a plethora of resources that educated me in childbirth preparation as well as strengthened my Faith. She was encouraging to me in my pregnancy as a doula and as a fellow mom.

In the delivery room, Barbara did not leave my side from the moment that she arrived. Upon arrival, she rounded up washcloths, pitchers of water, and a birthing ball. Barbara started rubbing my arm and it brought me great peace. She anticipated my needs before I even knew them!

Because of her, her helper Emily, my husband, and my Lord and Savior, I was able to experience my dream of natural childbirth! In the process I also gained a dear friend and mentor for life."


"I cannot say enough good things about Barbara! Not only was she wonderfully supportive during my 54 hours of labor, she saved me from having to deliver my daughter Bronwyn via c-section. My daughter was OP, or sunny-side up instead of face down, and just slightly off center so that she could not progress down the cervix. The OB/GYN...who was trying valiantly to shift the baby, couldn't get her to move that tiny bit we needed. In a perfect catch-22 the doctor couldn't reach Bronwyn because I was only 2 cm dilated, and Bronwyn's position kept me from progressing more than 2 cm. A c-section had become inevitable and [the doctor] was metaphorically sharpening her scalpel for the surgery when Barbara asked if she could try one more technique to see if she could shift the baby. My doctor, who had fought a hero's battle to allow me to deliver vaginally, was open to Barbara's help and gave us a couple of hours to try before doing the c-section. Barbara then did something called 'flipping the pancake'. She rolled me to the left and started rotating my pelvis/hip. I had resigned myself to the surgery at that point but was grateful for Barbara's efforts. Lo and behold, it worked! I dilated to 6 cm within an hour and just a few hours later delivered vaginally! Moreover, the herb-infused olive oil that Barbara gave the [doctor], and that the doctor was open-minded enough to use, helped prevent any tearing. Thus, thanks to Barbara's efforts and the doctor's willing acceptance of Barbara's help, I had Bronwyn without surgery or tearing! I am so thankful I had Barbara as my doula, and I cannot praise or recommend her enough!"


Sincerely – Kyra Kramer


"My husband decided that we were going to search for a Doula and had hoped for one with Christianity at the core of her work.  We were so Blessed to have found Barbara through friends at CGS!  I feel that God provided her to us and we had the most amazing birth possible with our second child.  Her name is Grace and her birth truly revealed God's amazing Grace to us.  Our first child was born through a complicated, medically assisted birth.  Barbara helped my husband and I to stay focused on the Author of life and to set our minds on the pain and anguish that Christ suffered.  As we (Barbara, my husband, and myself) prayed and recited scripture through the entire birth, Christ helped me to manage the pain and He provided me with the strength and energy that I needed for the medication-free birth that we desired.   I am so gracious to my God for placing Barbara in our lives.  She was an awesome and intricate part of the process and she will forever be in our hearts.  Should God decide to Bless us with any other children, we would be honored to have Barbara with us again."

"I approached Barbara just weeks before my son was due.  She very graciously agreed to assist me in his birth and set up an appointment very quickly to discuss my experience from previous births.  From that moment on, I knew that my entire family was bathed in her faithful prayers.  From the time I called her to let her know that it was time, through the days following my son's arrival.  She was so encouraging to me as I labored, and laughed with me and my husband as we roamed the halls of the hospital waiting for the pace to pick up.  She kept track of all the details that I would want to remember and wrote a beautiful birth story to remind me of all the ways that God had been faithful to me during so great a trial as natural childbirth.  Of my five births, I've had a doula or other encouraging friend present for three of them.  What a difference it makes to have that encouragement and help from another woman who understands what we need."

"Even though I lived in Pennsylvania while I was giving birth, Barbara was always there for me whenever I needed her.  I never officially hired her as my doula since she lived so far away, but she may as well have been my doula.  When my son had complications during his delivery, Barbara was always there to pray for me on the phone and to give me great advice that I had not received from doing my own reading or from the medical professionals at the hospital.  She encouraged me as I struggled to breast pump while my son was too ill to breast feed on his own.  She rejoiced when I rejoiced and wept when I wept.  She is a great woman of faith, a great woman, and a great doula.  If you are a pregnant woman of faith or a pregnant woman in need of faith, you will cherish Barbara's service as your doula."


"I loved every detail of (my birth) because I know that God himself orchestrated it all...I loved having our doula as another person I could trust and listen to. I felt present for each step and I believe having no medication played a key role in heightening the exerience, not diminishing it. I am very happy to have hired our doula and to have chosen the Bradley Method."


"Barbara, We cannot express how tahnkful we are to have hired you! We really do not know what we would have done without all of your knowledge, care and support. Your presence and care made all the difference in our birth experience. You brought calm to the chaos and helped us make decisions when they were hard and  supported us no matter waht! Thank you for everything! We can't imagine how people have babies without doulas!!??!!??"

What Dads Have Said About Barbara's Services

""As a first-time father, I was so grateful for Barbara's calm, godly witness to the Biblical truth that delivering women need to hear: God's strength is perfected in our weakness. I heartily recommend Barbara as a doula, guide, and mentor--you and your wife will always be inspired by her expertise, faith, and thoughtfulness.""

 "When my wife first approached me about using a doula for the birth of our second child, I was definitely a bit hesitant.  Mainly because I wasn't for sure what a doula was and thought I was "man" enough to handle the birthing process on my own.  After watching "The Business of Being Born" with Ricki Lake and becoming more educated on natural birthing methods and the use of doulas and/or midwives, I was more open to using a doula.  I am so glad we decided to use Barbara as our doula.  She is a wonderful person and you can tell she truly loves being a doula and her love for Christ is so evident in her words and actions.  Having Barbara at the hospital with us as we labored was wonderful.  She gave my wife a female voice and perspective that I don't believe as a husband I could have offered.  Her knowledge and laboring methods are wonderful.  If God blesses us with any more children, Barbara will definitely be one of our first calls.  Thank you Barbara for your service to us, but more importantly your service to Christ.  You will always be a part of our family!"

"I have been present with my wife for the deliveries of each of our five sons. We had a doula for only one of those deliveries, the last one. The difference was amazing! [Barbara] was wonderfully helpful in taking care of all kinds of needs--including my own. Her service allowed me to focus all of my attention on loving my wife during the delivery. She truly was a servant, and my wife and I agree that everyone should have a doula."

 "What I remember most about Barbara's service is that she attended to my wife in a way that enabled me to help more, and more effectively, than I would otherwise have been able.  Because she had assisted with so many births before, and because she took the time to get to know us so well, Barbara was able to do exactly what needed to be done to ensure that I could be right beside my wife, giving her my full attention, during labor.  I simply couldn't be more grateful to Barbara for serving as our doula."

"I feel doubly blessed in having a great supporting doula and empowerment from the Bradley method. I am very pleased to have been able to participate as much as I could... I wouldn't want to have a birth without our doula"

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