Barbara Lehr, Christian Doula

Your Birth Package Includes:

~One or two prenatal visits.

~on-call availability from two weeks before your due date until baby is born.

~research into any special areas of pregnancy you are experiencing.

~prayer from the time you reserve my services until you are home with your baby.

~"daily doula calls" to encourage you if your pregnancy goes past 40 weeks.

~emotional, physical, spiritual support from early labor through delivery, including: massage, encouragement, pressure point manipulations, hot and cold comfort measures; instruction on how to use a birthing ball, a squat bar, positional changes, and water (bathtub/shower) for managing labor's intensity; suggestions for how to encourage baby's descent and to help labor progress; prayer, song, and reading from Scripture; explanations of the information given to you by nurses and doctors; unbiased detailed lists of pros and cons of any decision you must make during labor; complete support in the decisions you and your husband make at every stage of the birth; on-going notes recording progress of labor and special details about the birth.

~pictures taken with my phone (only what you are comfortable with), that are then given to you on a CD.

~notes from your birth.

~a picture of your newborn emailed to your friends and family as soon as the birth is complete.

~a postpartum visit to discuss details of the birth and to rejoice over your new little one together.

~phone support for two weeks as you adjust to new motherhood.



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Barbara Lehr, Christian Doula


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