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Fees and Payment Options

The charge for the entire birth package is $500-$700 (depending on family income), which is a common fee for a birth in the Midwest attended by a certified doula. 

I accept MC/VISA through Paypal (, as well as checks and cash.

 When you decide to hire me, a $100 deposit is due to reserve my services. This deposit is fully refundable if I, or one of my back up doulas, do not attend your birth due to some unforeseen circumstance on my part.  If a back up doula must attend your birth (highly unlikely, and back up is sent only in an emergency), you will be charged $100 less for the entire birth package. If I do not attend your birth because of a rapid delivery or if you do not call me in time to allow me the hour often necessary to join you, I will reduce the cost for my services by $100, but will keep the remainder of the fee as payment for prenatal and postpartum care. 

$200 is due two weeks before your due date, and the final balance is due by your due date, or by the day your baby is delivered, whichever comes first.

Please contact me to discuss the possibility of a sliding fee if you are very poor or very young, or if you would like to propose bartering services if you (or your husband) are very talented (particularly in the areas of mowing lawns, cooking, cleaning, and doing home repairs).

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Barbara Lehr, Christian Doula


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